The future of non invasive treatment.

Nanopa Nano-Vaporizer is a new development in Equine medicine. The Patented Cartridge based system vaporizes substances to the particle size of 50 to 220 nm (nanometres). This guarantees substances to penetrate and pass through any tissue, including lungs, joints and ligaments. With this method, Veterinarians and Therapists can utilize Hyaluronic acid for the joint treatment without using any needle, feed Leucine to big muscle groups directly after heavy exercise for faster regeneration or Silica to increase tendon regeneration etc...

Nanopa is committed to offer substances that are safe for the horse. Any substance with known side effects to the horse will not be a part of our program.

The following substances are offered in our Cartridges:

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is an important part of many tissues including skin, joints and tendons. Nanopa utilises Hyaluronic acid for the regeneration of the joints, tendons, softening and feeding the skin, especially before massage therapy. It is safe to be inhaled. Helps COPD patients with the regeneration of the airways. Works well in combination with the Nanopa Sea Salt.

Sea salt

Nanopa utilises sea salt to treat COPD, Sinusitis and other air way infections. Although it is very efficient against most of the germs, it also dries and irritates the mucous membranes. Therefore we advise to use it in combination with Nanopa Hyaluronic acid.


Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a form of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. It is a primary structural molecule in many tissues. DHA is an important agent for the regeneration of the central nervous system. It helps the horse regenerate from heavy exercise or competition.


Silica is an important substance of any tissue. Especially bone, cartilage and tendon health is depending on Silica. Good quality hay and fresh herbs are good sources of Silica. Nanopa Silica is aimed to help joint and tendon regeneration, especially for the areas with poor blood circulation like legs. Silica is also important for the equine eye and sperm production.


Silica is not intended to use with the Inhaler. It is toxic to the lungs. Use only with the Nanopa Boot or Nanopa Half Cone.


Leucine is one of the ten essential amino acids for the Horse. It is the only amino acid that can be used as fuel in the muscle tissue and triggers muscle growth and stops muscle degradation. It is intended to use on the big muscle groups like the quadriceps or neck muscles with the Nanopa Half Cone.


Nanopa Leucine should not replace the dietary Leucine. Nothing is more important than proper nutrition.


Methylcobalamin is the active form of the vitamin B 12. It is essential for the red blood cells, muscle growth and regeneration, nervous system and brain function. Methylcobalamin is stored mainly in the muscle tissue and liver. Nanopa Methylcobalamin is intended to use with the Nanopa Boot and the Nanopa Half Cone for proper absorption and storage.


Nanopa Methylcobalamin should not replace dietary B12. Nothing is more important than proper nutrition.

For proper and efficient treatment, Nanopa offers accessories for different body parts.

Nanopa Inhaler

This simple but efficient Inhaler is developed to utilise Sea salt and Hyaluronic acid to help COPD treatment.

Nanopa Boot

This boot is developed to treat Equine extremities with Hyaluronic acid, Leucine, Methylcobalamin and Silica to increase regeneration and feed tissues. Especially joints profit the most from Hyaluronic acid and Silica treatment.

Nanopa Half-cone

This plunger like instruments allows Nutrients like Leucine, Methylcobalamin etc. reach the biggest muscle groups. It is a very safe method, especially for topical applications.

Nanopa Y-Tubes

The Y-Tube is used to connect the Nano-Vaporizer with two Nanopa Boots to treat two extremities simultaneously.


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